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July 1st, 2022 - November 15, 2022
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<![CDATA[ONE HOUR SESSION GIVEAWAY]]>Sun, 28 Jun 2020 15:45:26 GMThttp://zeliasdesignsarts.com/journal/one-hour-session-giveaway

One Hour Session Giveaway

Zelias Designs Arts

STARTS JULY 1ST, ENDS August 31, 2020

In celebration of reaching followers and likes on our facebook  page.
I thought I'd offer a ONE HOUR SESSION GIVEAWAY for the year 2020 season.
​This is a photography session giveaway .

It's my first one,  so get excited with me, won't you?
I've been on a motivations high lately when it comes to all things photography.
I've booked some sessions and there's offers on faceboo
It's going to be so GOOD!
 I'm just feeling inspired and I want to share the love and keep this positive energy going!

Giveaway terms

This giveaway does come with terms and conditions, so be sure to real all the details on how to enter and what the prize includes before entering. AND while I have your attention, you'll be pleased to know that YES, I will be announcing holiday "Mini-Sessions" for Kids this fall season. Details along with images will be coking soon so stay tuned.
​Covid-19 openings are subject to where the sessions will be located.
I will be announcing this earlier than usual due to the weather conditions. 


One lucky WINNER will receive a FREE ONE HOUR PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION with me.
​The winner will receive 25 fully edited and high resolutions images (of my choice) for download in a private online gallery.
Prints are not included, but you will have the option of ordering quality prints through my preferred printing lab.

The giveaway contest starts on July 1st, and will end on August 31, 2020 at midnight.
Know that I will check all entries to verify their validity.
​ The winner (randomly chosen) will be announced and notified on Tuesday September 1st, 2020.
The winner will have 72 hours to claim their prize.
One Entry Per Household 
Entrants must be 18 years old or older.
One Entry Per Household

Giveaway Entry Rules
- Session must be booked and completed within the year of 2021. 
- Session is not transferable, nor may it be traded in for cash value.
-Session is for immediate family members in the same household.
-My contract is to be signed before or during your scheduled session.
-Session may be used for Maternity, Family, Baby or Newborn, Children's, Couples & Solo. 
-Session location will be outdoors and within the Belfast City Limits in the state of Maine. (radius of 4 miles)
- Should you choose to order prints through another lab other than mine, I CAN NOT guarantee quality results, nor am I responsible for poor quality results.

How to Enter

Entries that you can earn to enter in this giveaway, but only one is necessary to enter.
The way to enter is by entering your email to the following link below.


On each post of Facebook or Instagram that is posted
​ I will keep track of each completed entry
Don't worry, you won't be attacked with tons of emails, but will always be first to learn about photography sessions, products, discounts, sales and event notifications. Our "Mini-Sessions" have limited space for bookings throughout the year.  
You'll have special access to our upcoming notifications just for my email "PEEPS"

People whom are family members to the photographer, Zelia Correia do not qualify to enter the giveaway. 

Belfast, Maine 04915
©Zelias Designs Arts/ Art Creations Store @by Zelias Designs Arts/ Zelia Correia
<![CDATA[Transfer Your Kid's Art]]>Sat, 13 Jun 2020 01:55:45 GMThttp://zeliasdesignsarts.com/journal/transfer-your-kids-artSave your kids art in your homes
I'm sure you will agree with me that every single drawing that comes from little hands is precious!

However, they will soon go on the refrigerator door. They will soon turn dusty and wrinkled and will eventually be thrown away.

For special ones, there's an easy way to transfer your kids best drawings onto canvas, prints and cards to cherish them for years, give as gifts or to hang on your homes as a real peace of art!

Art Creations Store by Zelias Designs Arts


Easy instruction's 

Instructions that are super easy
First Step is make a photocopy of the drawing on your compiler and save them to your computers as a 3000 pixels, 72 dpi pdf image.
Second Step is to go to https://zeliasdesignsarts.passgallery.com/-_projects_14500142/gallery

Third Step is log into the site and place your photos by downloading. them into your account.

Fourth Step is choose your choice of canvas, prints or cards, then adjust them to the sizes from small 8x10 to 24x36 or cards as flat or folded.

Finally,  Add to CART and follow the purchase prompts .... WA-LA... your order is on its way to you. 
Zelias Designs Arts   
Accepting all major credit cards/ Pay Pall
<![CDATA[Everything is Powered by....LOVE]]>Mon, 30 Mar 2020 20:31:19 GMThttp://zeliasdesignsarts.com/journal/everything-is-powered-byloveLove Lifts Us Up

   The butterflies in your stomach. Your heart leaping and the sense of having a new view of the whole world.
Like all LOVE affairs, it's probably been a rocky road with plenty of friction and suffering along the way. Maybe even a break up or a trial separation. But, you always come back because this is the LOVE of your life. 

With all other pressures of work and personal life it's easy to neglect this LOVE, especially when the rewards as less obvious than the risks. But if you neglect your true LOVE, the result are that it will poison everything in your life.

Whether or not it supports you, you need to find time for your LOVE. When you do that, magical things start to happen.

So, if there is no LOVE in the relationships, they are driven by fear, competitiveness, and bitterness, is this how you really want to spend the rest of your days?
Make sure you love people with respect and admiration and yes, even LOVE.
Everyday is a way to show love to the people in your life.
What could be more important than this?
Where not here for long...
​Don't sell yourself short, reach for the starts!

When we look how we place other's in pedestals, we all know how this is tempting ! 
Most can and do perceive this as being luck or natural, but this is a great way to distract ourselves from our own dreams and finding true LOVE. But, people have seen up close what takes to create something extraordinary. Mixed in with a lot of hard work, self-doubt, and determination. Be daring with your expressions and keep reaching for the stars using LOVE to be more prepared for an extraordinary experience in your life!

Photographer, Artist, Designer

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<![CDATA[The Right Kind Of Light]]>Thu, 15 Aug 2019 08:47:27 GMThttp://zeliasdesignsarts.com/journal/august-15th-2019The importance of using the right kind of light when you photograph.

Why becoming a better photographer gives you reasons to better your photos using lighting when it comes to photographing subjects, landscapes or objects. It's changed my life for the better. A lot of people have cameras, but it's not a passion for everyone. For those who do care, here are some reasons why you should be happy to be a photographer and have better photos for your family albums. There is always something to learn and try. You will never really get bored. The world is every changing, as well as your subjects. Taking a moment to think things through an look at your surrounding, there's no reason to get bored in photography. There's ways to become a better photographer, have fun, know your equipment, focus on your subject, follow a routine, never give up and know how to use light to your advantage. So, lets discuss how light effects how we take photos.

The soft box effect of positioning the subject near a large bright window that doesn't receive a lot sunlight creates a soft light box. Whereas, a broad light source creates shadows, textures, reduces contrast and textures. The opposite effect of the harder light source creates darker effects.
The closer the light source to the subject the softer the effect occurs. The farther away the narrower the effect and the closer the light effect becomes bigger. So, if taking photos indoors using available light such as lamps or strobes closer to the subject or vice versa will create a flattering light and give photos a natural look to them. The photo above was taken in a dark basement and using two photography lamps with 150 amp using a lamps on both sides that created the shadows and gave the photo and enough light to give the subject great texture.

What is Diffusion ?

Diffusion scatters light making light softer. 
When clouds drift in front of the sun during a partly cloudy day the shadows get less distant making shadows disappear. Using Nature's Natural Elements to create softer box effects on photography by using translucent plastic or white fabric can diffuse hard light sources when shooting indoors or on a day with out much cloud coverage. Using a diffuser in front of an artificial light such as a strobe or if in bright sun to soften the light has the opposite effect.

Bouncing light acts as a diffusion. To do this aim a narrow light at a broad surface such as a wall, ceiling or matte reflector and it scatters it over a wider area. Using a mirror or prism will keep the light fairly narrow and focused. Creating your own reflections can be done by using aluminum foil that is wrapped around a piece of card board, shiny side out creates a soft effect as a matte white surface and is good for adding sparkly highlights to a dress and surfaces.

The opposite effect can be created by having a light source that's farther away. The subject becomes dimmer. The light gets dim fast when you move it away. Keep in mind by moving your lights or your subject will change the quality of light and creates different shadows, contrast and shadows. 

Another way to lesson the effects in areas of subjects is to use front light which de-emphasis's textures. Lighting from the side, above or below emphasis it. Side lighting may emphasis the textures of rocks, sand and foliage when the light source is close to the axis of the lens. To reveal and retain the details of what you are photographing position the light source some what to the side especially if setting up hair light of a subject against a dark background.

Creating shadows gives a photograph a three-dimensionality and creates volume for positioning the light above and slightly to the side of the subject. But, keep an eye to make sure that the shadow of the nose falls more than midway down the upper lip to create a dramatic close up portrait.
The lighting from the side, above or below by casting deeper and longer shadows creates a sense of volume in still life, product photography and landscapes, that's why photographers use angular light for this reason.

Silhouettes have become more popular in sun set photos. There is no light at all falling in front of a person or subject. A person with his or her back to a bright window will have a light effect from the apposite wall from them. Some one standing outside, back to the bright sun light will have the light from the open sky in front of them. Either way, it's necessary to increase exposure to de-emphasize facial textures and dimensionally to create the silhouette.

Light that is white has color temperature and digital sensors records color where our eyes didn't see them. With digital cameras you can use the white balance control to neutralize color contrast to emphasize them. This is a great way to reflect light off of objects to emphasize the reflections on glass, paint and inside of areas where it's darker. 
The Ultimate Guide To Learn Photography is a great way to start as a beginner. This guide can be found in the link https://www.creativelive.com/photography-guides
The Photography Lighting For Beginners:3 Lighting Essentials For Creating Incredible Images is a great way to get you anyone started in creating better photos.

More information on how lighting is essential to your photos go to Google and do research for resources to improve your family and selfie images. The link above also has great classes, stories, podcasts, events and a blog for further exploration on topics that is related to lighting.
<![CDATA[Seeking Adventure's In Life's Landscapes.]]>Tue, 01 Jan 2019 09:52:07 GMThttp://zeliasdesignsarts.com/journal/seeking-adventures-in-lifes-landscapes

Casually wondering outside with camera...

Growing up in a small town has created a sense of being homegrown and humble ​as they come.
While there's a lot to create, the lead designer wonders casually outside with camera in hand ready to seek new photo opportunities. Zelia's brown eyes looking through the camera lens, seeking the proper rules of thirds for the perfect shot. This feels and looks good and she takes her photos, but there's always more than one perspective and angle to not be missed. 

Acquiring an impressive collection of photos, she continues on her quest for more images, so she can create more digital art. Zelia Correia is a devoted photographer, artist, and designer in her profession. She proudly straddles all three roles with an enthusiasm, with excitement that truly is inspiring and that's contagious. 

"Wonder Never Cease's"

Zelia isn't immune to the beauty of what "Nature" display's and certainly has those days like the rest of us.
The tradition of working women brings up the question on whether of "Have I managed it well?" to her mind.
​But, with the realization to do her best she can only say that she does,
even though time has a way of getting away from her when she's out during her photo shoots. 

Now that her children are grown, she decided to group all her skills into her passions.
She say's that "Nature" is her greatest escape, her home, peace and grace.
For she feels this way when she's trying to bring her "Perfectionist" personality into her design.
But, as we all know "Nature" isn't perfect, so as hard as she tries it's obvious that a
lifetime experience helps her understand the "Hardships of life".
Nature welcomes togetherness.

PictureBelfast's City Park

Since the community is where Zelia Correia gets her inspirations, she relies on her surroundings, that includes plants, buildings, people, cities flower's. Zelia say's that "She will never forget the first camera given to her at the age of 12 by her parents". She felt that the camera was a part of her, the connections to her inner being. This was the start of her journey that has carried her through her high school photography courses, all the way to her adult life to this day. 

Navigating a new passion that embodies expectations are very high and she say's "She has overcome to do something that completes her". This is her way of accepting herself as she is, and where she's able to want what she does. The love of "Nature" brings her favorite quote to mind...

" Those who find beauty in all of nature will find
themselves as one with the secrets of life itself"
​- L. W. Gilbert.
This attraction is so strong that "Mother Nature" calms and brings peace to our minds.
<![CDATA[Meet Zelia]]>Tue, 01 Jan 2019 09:51:08 GMThttp://zeliasdesignsarts.com/journal/meet-zelia-correia]]><![CDATA[A Photographer's Vision.]]>Tue, 01 Jan 2019 07:44:30 GMThttp://zeliasdesignsarts.com/journal/a-photographers-vision
Zelia Correia- Photographer
"Being a professional photographer is about creating a relaxed atmosphere, having high standards as well as quality.

In seeking to be outstanding, is to have an eye for detail, creativity, hand-eye co-ordination, using rules of thirds, proper apertures and natural lighting is applied when taking photos of clients, but most of all its about being attentive to the clients needs."

Photography creates scenes that changes the way we feel about how we view the world and our lives.

Getting away from it all to find clarity and to rejuvenate our minds.
The simplicity of using photography to create artistically is a tangible way of sharing with the world. 

The world's love for "Nature" is perhaps one of the greatest reflections of joy.
This draws us close and causes us to loose our selves in it. Once you see it, you can't un-see it.
​It's all around us and we're living in it.

"Those who find beauty in all of nature, will find themselves as one with the secrets of life itself"  -L.W. Gilbert

 So, "Bring Nature Home"...